Metal Dies

Hot-Stamp Foiling / Embossing Dies

Magnesium Dies:

Flat magnesium dies are chemically etched, very economical and versatile, ideal for short runs and are used for printing and hot foil stamping.

Available thicknesses: 1mm / 2mm / 3mm / 4mm / 5mm / 6.35mm / 7mm.

Copper Dies:

Copper dies are also chemically etched, excellent for fine details, extremely hard and provide very sharp edges. Ideal for blind embossing and very long runs.

Available thicknesses: 4mm / 5mm / 6mm / 7mm.

Textured Dies:

For special effects different texture dies can also be manufactured, resulting embossing, foiling, texturing in a single pass. Any given pattern or a combination of multi textures can also be transferred on the die.

Brass Dies:

Brass dies are being engraved with our modern CNC machines. Environmentally clean because no chemicals are involved. Precisely defined edges and shoulders. Extremely durable for long runs. Ideal for holographic foils (both wall paper and security holograms). Good heat transfer properties, ideal for embossing and textured dies.

Available thickness: 4mm / 5mm / 6mm / 7mm.

Multi-Layer Combination Dies:

These are produced by highly sophisticated German CNC machines to get the three dimensional image, produced mainly on brass for high details and very precise edges. Both male (Counter force) and female dies give perfect registration and low make ready time.

Counter Forces Dies:

We also provide counter (male) dies for the embossing and multi-layer dies. These ensure that all recess images get a consistent finish and perfect registration. Counter forces (dies) can be delivered for different machines for different thicknesses.

Available Thickness: 0.2mm / 0.4mm / 0.7mm / 1.0mm / 1.5mm.