Stripping Dies

Due to the unique design of the patented stripping claws in the upper tool and the specially designed apertures in the lower tool, waste scrap is pierced by the claws and forced through the lower tool and the scrap will release and drop. These special elements eliminate the need of bottom pins on most jobs.


The lower tool has a smooth sealed surface, enabling better passage of the sheet through the stripping section of the press.

Precise bevelling of all critical parts, above and below the lower tool.

Critical vaccum holes in the upper tool.

Exact centering of the upper and lower tools for a quick set-up, on press or in pre-make ready.

If required on difficult set-ups, the stripping tool will work in conjunction with bottom pins.


Better productivity on press, due to improved stripping action from patented stripping pins without sacrificing press speeds or carton quality.

With most jobs not requiring bottom pins, make-ready time is saved by no need to stop the press.

Accuracy- The upper and lower tools are produced in such a method that, registration is ensured with precise laser cut contours that mirror the waste scraps in the sheet to be die cut.